Take Action Today

So, you’ve

  • Been inspired by your life coach
  • Heard the message,
  • Read the book,
  • Been to the seminar
  • Watched the DVD
  • Listened to the programme
  • Engaged in the activity.



Your next course of action is nothing
more than taking action NOW.

– Don’t postpone it

– Don’t procrastinate

– Tomorrow may never happen

– There may never be another chance

– Overlook the other person error and put it away

– Living in the NOW is the best way to live

– Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow is in the womb
all you have is NOW

– Take action of the business decision

– Make that phone call today

– Forgive the person today and move on with your life

– Write that proposal now

– Learn from and correct the mistake now

– Contact that family member today

– Send that email right away

– Make a move on that deal

– Book that appointment right after reading this

Whatever you’ve put on hold, get a nudge from this reading and take massive, immediate
and life changing action right away.

Turn to page 11/12 of How To Kiss Stress Goodbye eBook

to see what’s next. Visit http://www.kiss-stress-goodbye.co.uk



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