Turn the bad news around.

This true story can happen to is and the question is how will you react. This may give you some hint and here it is: A man found his retirement notice in public newspaper rather than personally as the case should be in his organisation and as it’s always been for ages. Just weeks before that he was told by a spiritual guru to expect promotion and that got him excited.

When he then saw the newspaper with his retirement announced in it, he started rejoicing that this must be the promotion he should expect. He played favourite joyful music all night long.

A friend visited him to feel sorry for him about the way the a retirement announcement was made but he stopped the moaner quickly telling the friend he’s expecting a promotion.

Within a week he got offered a job that started on the day retirement was due to commence. He turned retirement news around and got a new job.

Interpret your current situation correctly and you will turn negative to positive too. Give your situation a positive meaning. Change is coming, get ready for it and use the change as a stepping stone to bounce forward in leaps and bounds. Regards

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