Popularly Known as – Pastor Tony (Tony Adegbenro)

Chair of Hope House Project, a charity and Community initiative that still touches many lives in the past 18 years in the town of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire. England

Life Coaching – helping young people or adults with any life’s issue where they desire personal development. Helping people to fly from where they are to where they want to go.

Motivational Speaker – (Primary and High) – Pastor Tony works with children and young people as an outreach to school providing motivational messages in school assemblies to raise their standard above what they can see. He provides a very much loved service by Headteacher as it helps to address many aspects of School Curriculum in subjects like Citizenship, RE, PHSE, sports etc.

Presently reaching today’s generation with life changing messages to prepare them for a better future that many adult missed in life. He has arranged and organised seminars, workshops in the past and will be glad to do it anytime. Topics include Relationship, Life’s purpose, Aim higher etc.

Youth Worker – Running and managing children and youth clubs in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, England for the past 18 years touching thousands of lives over those years and providing a break for parents. As a parent himself he feels that parents should be celebrated more than celebrities because of the awesome multitasking they are required to provide as opposed to leaders, presidents and kings who are surrounded by advisers to help them in their daily tasks.

Fund Raiser – Fundraising is a big part of his remit with Hope House Project with countless number of applications completed with success, the biggest being the £348,250 Community Asset funding to refurbish two buildings given to Tony’s project by the West Lancashire Borough Council. These buildings now provide Pro-active activities for the benefit of all the community. See www.hopehouseproject.com for more.

Football Team Manager – Managing boys under 19 team in Skelmersdale called Skem Legends FC. This follows the success of managing a team in Liverpool called Lakewood FC who won the league 2 seasons running and several cup in the process etc.

Parent Coach – With his passion for children and young people and life Coaching. You can say that parent coaching comes naturally to him. His knowledge and skill base has helped many stressed and depressed families to get their lives back in order. One of Tony’s favourite TV programmes being Supernanny where its proved time and time again that when the parents know what they are doing the children will follow easily.


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  1. Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the book Rich dad, poor dad is quoted to have said ”Rich people look for and build NETWORKS.Everyone else looks for work”. Where are you now and where will you be of the 2 groups in the next 12 months. See http://www.facebook.com/solution minded if you want to build networks

    If you are here on this page you know well that I am charity through and through. Charity though without enterprise is not good enough in this day and age.
    Charity sees a need, Enterprise takes care of that need.
    It’s not good enough to see a need. If you can’t fix it,something is missing. Everyone can see a need but many will never see those needs met.

    Why not get PASSIONATE about being the SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM that you see and that’s what am living for now.
    If you see a need you should fix it.
    Don’t wait for anyone else or blame anyone else. You see it, You fix it.
    Watch this page in the next few days for more on HOW TO FIX the need THAT YOU SEE. If you want to know now, please contact me on my email and i will rush some information to you within minutes.
    REMEMBER: Start building networks. That’s where there is guaranteed future

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