Skem Youth Church

Isn’t funny how you so much long for something and suddenly it’s within your grasp or right in your face?

Well that’s where I believe in my spirit that we are with a REVIVAL IN SKELMERSDALE
Almost everyone I’ve spoken to can recall a prophesy or vision of a revival that will breakout through young oeople.

I can feel the mountains trembling
The gates of hell are quivering
There’s a shaking going on in the realms of the spirit
A tide of myriads of souls are about to be swept into the kingdom of our God.
Let me hear from you if this is what you can sense in your spirit too

May 7th – 11th 2013 will be historic.
MaLokai band will belt out music to the delight of young people.
Xceed dance-crew will make heads turn with flicks, moves to hiphop tracks.
A life changing testimony will be delivered declaring the power of God who is mighty to save any individual.

Common people, its happening already
Bless you all

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Turn the bad news around.

This true story can happen to is and the question is how will you react. This may give you some hint and here it is: A man found his retirement notice in public newspaper rather than personally as the case should be in his organisation and as it’s always been for ages. Just weeks before that he was told by a spiritual guru to expect promotion and that got him excited.

When he then saw the newspaper with his retirement announced in it, he started rejoicing that this must be the promotion he should expect. He played favourite joyful music all night long.

A friend visited him to feel sorry for him about the way the a retirement announcement was made but he stopped the moaner quickly telling the friend he’s expecting a promotion.

Within a week he got offered a job that started on the day retirement was due to commence. He turned retirement news around and got a new job.

Interpret your current situation correctly and you will turn negative to positive too. Give your situation a positive meaning. Change is coming, get ready for it and use the change as a stepping stone to bounce forward in leaps and bounds. Regards

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Latest Message w/e 28/02/2013

The message for this week is spirit soul and body

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Take Action Today

So, you’ve

  • Been inspired by your life coach
  • Heard the message,
  • Read the book,
  • Been to the seminar
  • Watched the DVD
  • Listened to the programme
  • Engaged in the activity.



Your next course of action is nothing
more than taking action NOW.

– Don’t postpone it

– Don’t procrastinate

– Tomorrow may never happen

– There may never be another chance

– Overlook the other person error and put it away

– Living in the NOW is the best way to live

– Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow is in the womb
all you have is NOW

– Take action of the business decision

– Make that phone call today

– Forgive the person today and move on with your life

– Write that proposal now

– Learn from and correct the mistake now

– Contact that family member today

– Send that email right away

– Make a move on that deal

– Book that appointment right after reading this

Whatever you’ve put on hold, get a nudge from this reading and take massive, immediate
and life changing action right away.

Turn to page 11/12 of How To Kiss Stress Goodbye eBook

to see what’s next. Visit



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Give Compliments Today To everyone

Give compliment to everyone you see, meet or get in contact
with TODAY. Especially children and young people. Praise them for inner
qualities such as kindness, honesty and perseverance so they will strive to
contribute to the world in meaningful ways.” Above all speak good things into
their future. I just did to an assembly of 179 Year 11 (final Year) students.
You can do it even if it’s to 1 person or 2 today.

Remember what you sow you will also REAP. It’s an unchanging
law of the universe. Give it away and it will come back to you. Give it a go. Common.
I know you can. I believe in You.

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School assembly rocks

Whao, wish you were with me with me today to see the eyes of final Year 11 students and teachers as i urged them to consider and look into a speech that Bill Gates gave some years ago to a high school group about the 11 lessons you will never learn from school.

It was amazing.

This generation of young people must be informed and enlightened with these things. Many parents don’t have a clue themselves hence the reason why many are where they are today.

What an opportunity to be able to inspire them. Watch this space for some updates on that as i intend to follow things up.

Unemployment is not fitting for anyone. This generation must be rescued from the grip of wasteful years that many adult have suffered and be enlightened now. Calling all students and graduates especially to learn valuable lessons that will stand them in good stead in years to come.

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Life Coaching in high School

The doors opened in Up Holland High school to welcome Life Coaching into the life of young people. The buzz is in the air and its time to ” Face the MUSIC” as they say.
Watch this space because you will be reading of young people that are going to experience a transformation in every area of their life. The miracle is about to begin. Parents, family and neighbours and all will notice a change.

Well, please feel free to add your comment which will be posted.

If you have private question please do ask and add a reply email .
You will get a reply from pastor tony but your question will not be posted for all to read.  It will be treated as private and confidential.
Hey, what are you waiting for? Just drop your comment into the box. Thanks and God bless.

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